Ankle and calf

Art.612 - Airprene calf support

INDICATIONS: light traumas, contusions, strains.

Art.642 - Airprene ankle support with lateral springs

INDICATIONS: Light ankle trauma, dislocations, distortions, tibia-tarsus instability.

Art.659 - Rigid bivalve support for cryotherapy

INDICATIONS: Post-trauma immobilizations, distortions, hot or cold therapy for rehabilitation.

Art.652 - Tibia-tarsus support

INDICATIONS: Tibia-tarsus fractures, post-surgical use, ligament lesions, rehabilitations.

Art.653 - Articulated tibia-tarsus support

INDICATIONS: Ligament breakage, post-operative use (Achilles tendon), fractures, distortions.