Art.504 - Dale® Abdominal Binder

The binder is made entirely of Dale® Exclusive Stretch Material, which permits hook and loop closure at any point. 
You can cut the fabric without damaging it.
Evenly distributed compression promotes coughing and deep breathing.
Patients can walk more comfortably, reducing the possibility of sedentary complications such as phlebitis.
Equipped with EasyGrip Strip for drainage applications. 

INDICATIONS: Cesarean section, liposuction, abdominoplasty, hysteroctomy, gastroplasty, childbirth.

SIZES (waist circ. cm)
H.23:  (1°) from 76 to 114  -  (2°) from 110 to 157
H.30:  (1°) from 76 to 114  -  (2°) from 110 to 157  -  (3°) from 152 to 190
H.38:  from 182 to 239